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Online BingoBingo Top Winning Information

Bingo has a long history in many aspects of society and community.  Even the online community of gamers have embraced the game of bingo in online casino and online bingo halls.  There is a massive community of online bingo players and many of them are in games that have mega jackpots.  Top prizes for online bingo games have sometimes reached hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Mega Jackpot rooms for Bingo are available 24 hours from countries all across the planet.  Even United States citizens can play for free and play bingo for fun.

All Types of Bingo

There are a lot of different types of bingo that make the game more fun and exciting.  Games like Astrology Bingo, Birthday Bingo, Luck of the Irish Bingo, Secret Garden Bingo and Quick n Easy Bingo are favorites among the bingo playing community.

There are two kinds of bingo and that is the most recognizable US bingo and the always popular UK version which is known as Housie.  The game of Housie is popular in New Zealand and Australia and is played with a card that has fifteen numbers with five numbers in three rows.  Numbers are selected randomly from ninety balls.  The average game of Housie Bingo is about four minutes long.

Online Bingo

Online bingo halls normally have either the US or UK type of bingo for more variety.  One of the social aspects of online gambling bingo is the chat room and forum section where players can get together and share their experiences and make new friends while they enjoy their games of bingo.

Bingo Sites

Finding a fun, safe and secure place to play bingo with real money prizes online is easy with BingoTwister.  Once someone has found their favorite place to play bingo online, they often stick to that one site and rarely deviate.  That is why it is important to determine the best bingo rooms before setting up an account.  BingoTwister helps players to find the best bingo sites online by comparing each bingo site in side by side format.

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